Weldtite identified a cycle workstation as a means of gaining exposure for and diversifying their Cyclotools brand. Consequently, Glenelg were tasked with developing the product, with a focus on identifying and resolving weaknesses found in existing offerings. Additionally, it was imperative to make the product stand out in a crowded market by adding value.

The key USP of the final design is its modularity and single handed clamping functionality. Glenelg developed a single ‘clamp head’ suitable for utilisation with a number of mounting options. Therefore, Weldtite were able to target both home mechanics and professionals, without having to provide a complete range of unique products, whilst providing more options for customers.

Furthermore, we sourced and oversaw the tooling and manufacture of the final design in the far east. This involved combining a number of metal manufacturing processes including precision die casting / extrusion / and MIM (metal injection molding). Additionally, we facilitated the product packaging for the full range through a trusted local partner, providing an eye-catching offering at the point of sale.

Top – Cyclo Modular Workstation (Weldtite). Above – Cyclo Modular Workstation, Modular System and Clamp Head Packaging (Glenelg).

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