Eve Products

Eve Products

In 2003 Glenelg developed the iconic Twist banner system for Eve Products, which revolutionised the exhibition industry. Subsequently, we have designed a range of successful exhibition products. These include the patented Link², the world’s only linking roller banner, as well as both the Curve and Connect ranges.

Meanwhile, Eve have consolidated their position as one of the most respected and innovative companies in the exhibition industry. Consequently, Glenelg are constantly refining and improving the product catalogue. This may take the form of, for example, iterative improvements following customer feedback, or sourcing new manufacturing partners and processes.

In 2019 Eve launched Twist², developed by Glenelg 16 years after the initial product launch, and and underscoring the strong and lasting relationship between the companies.

Top – Link 2 detail (photo by Eve Products). Above – animations by Glenelg: Twist 2 Configurations, Twist 2 Assembly and Twist 2 AV Stand Assembly.

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