3D Visualisation & Animation

3D Visualisation

We utilise 3D visualisation throughout the product design process, creating photo-realistic renders at key stages. These are based on the 3D models generated using our in-house CAD systems. We also offer a range of additional services that our clients increasingly take advantage of.

3D Visualisation – What we offer

During the concept generation and development stages of the design process we generate photo-realistic images as a matter of course. This enables us to present our ideas with the highest level of clarity. The visuals usually take the form of still images but can be full concept animations if this benefits the client.

Beyond this, clients often want to take these images to the next level as a timely and cost-effective means of presenting the idea to their customers. This may entail placing the product into an environment to provide context, or animating product functionality to describe how it works.

The depth can range from a simple revolve of a product in a ‘studio’ setting to a complete animated walkthrough. This may feature the fully functional product in the context of a detailed 3D environment, with graphic and audio overlays.

Glenelg also offer 3D visualisation services to clients with existing products. Whether you need a last-minute product shot for a catalogue update, artwork mapping to an object you don’t have to hand, or anything else you can think of – we’re always happy to help. So if you already have 3D CAD we will be able to work with it to seamlessly achieve your goals.

3D Visualisation – What are the benefits?

  • Quickly provide a customer with a photo-realistic representation of the developing product.
  • Demonstrate complex functionality at a developmental stage.
  • Visualise a product in the customer’s environment.
  • Share a range of material finishes / colourways to complement a single prototype, therefore greatly reducing the cost associated with multiple units.
  • Rebrand a product visual to keep on-brand when sharing with different customers.
  • Leave a customer with a meaningful reminder of a pitch. This is particularly beneficial when a physical prototype can’t be left behind.
  • Provide assembly or user guides, assisting with manufacture or post-purchase.
  • Produce marketing shots when time / cost / availability issues prohibit a photo shoot.
  • Share complex ideas globally, with clarity.
To discuss any of your 3D visualisation and marketing needs, or for further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
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