Artwork is routinely shipped around the globe using single use wooden crates, a process with an inherently high carbon footprint. Therefore, ROKBOX commissioned Glenelg to realise their vision of a reusable case with several key benefits. Firstly, increasing protection. Secondly, improving functionality and the user experience. Thirdly, reducing the environmental footprint.

Consequently, the final design has generated a number of patented technologies including the securing and release of multiple artworks within a single crate. Additionally, ROKBOX surpasses the industry standard for managing vibration/shock and climate control of the artwork in transit. It meets the stringent demands of galleries and museums worldwide.

The design utilises multiple manufacturing techniques to realise the requirements of the detailed project brief. These include MIM and rotational moudling. By partnering with suppliers in both the UK and Far East we have facilitated manufacture of bespoke components along with final assembly of the finished product.

In addition to handling design, prototyping and manufacture, Glenelg have also provided technical and marketing materials to support the product launch. Meanwhile, we continue to develop the wider product range.

Top – ROKBOX Crates (ROKBOX). Above – ROKBOX 1.2×1.2, Product Usage Guide: Interior and ROKBOX Loop (Glenelg).

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