We work with clients ranging from individual inventors to multinational companies. Our strongest claim is our ability to produce successful design solutions integral with our clients strategic business objectives. Moreover, with our name on numerous patents worldwide we believe this confirms our innovative approach to design.

Glenelg Product Design Ltd - Low Barn OfficePeter Farrar established Glenelg Product Design Ltd in 1990. We have since developed successful partnerships with a range of local and international clients, for example Amaray, Britvic, GHD, Nintendo, and SG Gaming. Our extensive design studio is complemented by a well equipped workshop and 3D printing capability. This enables timely production of rig models to test theories, and presentation models to test product aesthetics and manufacture.


Our involvement in projects covering a broad spectrum of disciplines has provided us invaluable experience in production. We are therefore able to utilise the majority of manufacturing processes to deliver innovative design solutions. Additionally, we work closely with other like-minded teams in electronics design, engineering, product testing, prototyping and production. This enables us to obtain the best and most timely response to project requirements on behalf of our clients.

Meet The team


Peter Farrar

Managing Director

Founded Glenelg in 1990.


John Hein

Design Director

Joined Glenelg in 1993. Now a partner in the company.


James Whitesmith

Multimedia Designer

Joined Glenelg in 2007 following graduation from Nottingham Trent University.

Client Testimonial

I have worked with John & Peter at Glenelg since the early 1990s, and during that time the majority of the design & development projects I have undertaken have gone through them. We have worked mostly on packaging, across plastics, metal, glass & paperboard, generating more than 50 patents and creating products which have been commercialised around the world.


The reasons I continue to use & value Glenelg as a design team, both when working in large corporate organisations and in my own start-up businesses, are as follows:

  • Glenelg bring genuine creativity & ingenuity to every new project – often surprising with the simplicity & elegance of their solutions.
  • They combine this with engineering rigour – using structural & materials analysis – and a clear awareness of ‘manufacturability’ & cost from the outset.
  • Peter & John are very talented model-builders, so that their early ‘prototypes’ provide excellent ergonomic & functional learning.
  • They are also creative in their development of testing rigs & methodologies, to gain early data on performance.
  • Finally, Glenelg are extremely experienced in managing not only the tooling for new products, but the whole manufacturing start-up process – whether in UK, Europe or China.


In summary, Glenelg have kept my business for more than 25 years because they provide a unique combination of creativity, practicality, technical rigour & good value, combined with an ethos of deep commitment to the success of customers’ products in the market. Perhaps more importantly, they are fun to work with!


Anthony Fraser

Development Director, Threadless Closures & ROKBOX

Product Design - Threadless Closures - Xottle
Product Design - Rokbox