Proptek are a market leader in air pruning propagation products, supplying reprocessed polypropylene injection moulded trays to nurseries worldwide. Glenelg’s experience in design for injection moulding led to Proptek engaging our services to refine the existing range and add further trays and containers, diversifying the portfolio of offerings to reach new customers.


Proptek also make use of our validation services, which include running FEA on trays during the development process to ensure parts can withstand their intended use at elevated temperatures within greenhouses, as well as the design and implementation of bespoke rigs to validate functionality of manufactured product.

Top – The New Ellepot System (Animation by Glenelg). Above – Trays & Containers photos (Proptek), FEA screenshot (Glenelg) and 006SLET Airflow render (Glenelg).