First Stop

Glenelg were commissioned to develop the next generation rechargable battery operated PAT tester. The existing design did not appeal to the main distributors and therefore proved unable to break into this valuable supply chain. Product aesthetic, ease of manufacture / assembly and cost savings were key targets in the design brief supplied to Glenelg.

Despite the cost premium of Rechargeable Batteries over mains the BATT-PAT manufacturing costs are down 10% on the original design. The product manufacture and assembly method has led to improved product strength and reliability, whilst at the same time cutting production time and costs.

A greatly improved product aesthetic has opened the doors to many resellers with half of the company’s sales now through this channel. Sales are now taking market share from the Market leader.

“The design input from Glenelg has changed the way First Stop has been perceived by the industry. An immediate 20% increase in sales and production savings of £7000 in the first year have given an immediate payback on our initial design investment.“

Mr S. Segaran - Managing Director.